A Single Spark Event with
10 full power sparks!

The spark event you are looking at in the picture to the left is 1,500 millijoules of spark energy at 45,000 volts! Compare that to virtually every other racing ignition system, and you will see how nobody even comes close!

Got your attention?

Aerosparks offers high performance aircraft electronic ignition systems.

Fuel economy
By using this aircraft electronic ignition, the fuel will burn more completely, the engine uses less fuel, resulting in a significant decrease in gallons per hour.

Increased power
Our Aerosparks aircraft electronic ignition system uses spark plugs with a larger gap for better ignition of the fuel. Again as a direct result of more complete combustion, the engine produces more power for the same amount of fuel.

Better starting
The aircraft electronic ignition gives the spark plugs full power sparks at startup. The increased energy at the spark plug, makes starting easier and gives "first time" starts.

The aircraft electronic ignition gives reliability, which is only obtainable through the latest solid state electronics.

Reduce maintenance
The aircraft electronic ignition has no contacting moving parts to wear out, no points to replace, and timing that stays accurate for an indefinite period. With the Aerosparks aircraft electronic ignition maintenance is a thing of the past.

Smoother running
Spark plugs with larger gaps have a higher energy spark to produce smoother running engines at all speeds compared to a magnito with aircraft spark plugs that have much smaller gaps. The accurate timing of the electronic ignition together with the complete elimination of points bounce means that an engine runs much more consistantly.

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